Tips to choosing your perfect mattress!

In this age where our lives are more fast paced and hectic, we must rest well to rejuvenise and start our day right. In order to do so, we have to pick our bed with utmost consideration with regards to the quality of our sleep. Research has shown that humans spend 1/3 of their lives in bed.
Here are some tips to help you choose the right bed for your precious slumber.
1. Size
Singapore Mattress Size
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In Singapore, there are 4 standard sizes — Single, Super Single, Queen, King. It is important to have ample space for your rest. The bigger the bed, the less disturbance you will cause your partner when you toss and turn. While some couples may deem a Queen size mattress to be sufficient, a King sized one is worth the consideration if you like more room to stretch and enjoy a relaxing slumber.
2. Comfort
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A mattress can cause the difference between waking up feeling fatigued and frustrated or fresh and rejuvenated. Some may feel that a firmer mattress provides back support that takes away all their backaches; some may feel that a softer mattress provides a more comfortable rest with its enveloping feel. We always recommend that you physically try on a mattress before committing on it. 
3. Quality
Usually, the most expensive piece of furniture in the room is our bed because it serves the main purpose of a bedroom  for a good night's sleep. An expensive mattress is a worthwhile investment as it offers the best quality sleep you can get. Our general rule of thumb is to get a mattress that can last you 10 years. Some mattresses cost more because of their features e.g. 5-zone individual pocketted spring system that follows the contour of your body to support every inch of it. Choose a good and lasting one instead of a mediocre one that requires change every 3-5 years. 
Get a mattress that will last you 10 years!
4. Style
Nothing makes us happier than entering a bedroom that is aesthetically pleasing. Gone are the days where we have to live with a traditional wooden bedframe and headboard. In this age where there are so many materials and designs to choose from that we are spoiled for choice as we select the one we like best. If you like your room to look majestic, get a headboard with curved designs to look it. If you like your room to look exciting and refreshing, choose reflective materials in bright or warm colours to make it electrifying. 



A good bedroom will determine your energy level for the day so it is imperative that it gives you nothing but the best form of rest. 
Till we meet again with our upcoming furnishing tips.
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