General Rules On Creating Your Bedroom Heaven

Setting the whole look and feel of your bedroom should be an interesting and rewarding experience, but it can be brain-wracking.

Many make the mistake of getting separate or independent pieces of furniture due to a “Sale”, or because you see something that you really like and it does get emotional but does not match your current bedroom theme.

Your bedroom is your personal getaway after a tiring day of work, and your sanctuary to express your inner desires and personality. That’s why let us give you some tips on how you can design and decorate your bedroom with some general observations and rules in order to achieve bedroom heaven of your dreams!

1. Colours

They are the first thing that captures your attention, and the choice and mixture of colours will affect your mood or impression of your bedroom’s comfort level.

Many people go for bold colours, and that should only be the case if you want to wake up a colourful and vibrant room, which suits your lively personality. For the rest who prefers a calm and serene feel to set a cosiness mood, choose soothing shades, monochromatic tones or toned down version of your favourite colours. Don’t forget the colours of your wall as well, especially your ceiling!

2. Space

A bedroom should look cosy, simple yet sophisticated and elegant, and sometimes, space is a major factor to your furniture choice.

The pathways connecting to from end to end, and for example, your bathroom, should not be obstructed or difficult to navigate. To achieve that, you can either get space saving furniture, or low, compact, storage beds and modern furniture which tends to keep within their own space but radiates elegance. With those extra spaces, you can even afford to get accessories such as carpet, or paintings, which is now possible with the choice of a right size furniture. There are also furniture which houses storage space beneath or at the side, saving a lot of space.


You can consider Smart beds Murphy/ Wall beds which will save a hell lot of space for you. They come prior in matching colours and are readily available to be transported to your bedroom with bookshelves or pull out table.

Spaces have also been taken into consideration, with some company providing complimentary on-site measurement services, such as yours truly!