General Rules On Creating Your Bedroom Heaven


Setting the whole look and feel of your bedroom should be an interesting and rewarding experience, but it can be brain-wracking.

Many make the mistake of getting separate or independent pieces of furniture due to a “Sale”, or because you see something that you really like and it does get emotional but does not match your current bedroom theme.

Your bedroom is your personal getaway after a tiring day of work, and your sanctuary to express your inner desires and personality. That’s why let us give you some tips on how you can design and decorate your bedroom with some general observations and rules in order to achieve bedroom heaven of your dreams!

1. Colours

They are the first thing that captures your attention, and the choice and mixture of colours will affect your mood or impression of your bedroom’s comfort level.

Many people go for bold colours, and that should only be the case if you want to wake up a colourful and vibrant room, which suits your lively personality. For the rest who prefers a calm and serene feel to set a cosiness mood, choose soothing shades, monochromatic tones or toned down version of your favourite colours. Don’t forget the colours of your wall as well, especially your ceiling!

2. Space

A bedroom should look cosy, simple yet sophisticated and elegant, and sometimes, space is a major factor to your furniture choice.

The pathways connecting to from end to end, and for example, your bathroom, should not be obstructed or difficult to navigate. To achieve that, you can either get space saving furniture, or low, compact, storage beds and modern furniture which tends to keep within their own space but radiates elegance. With those extra spaces, you can even afford to get accessories such as carpet, or paintings, which is now possible with the choice of a right size furniture. There are also furniture which houses storage space beneath or at the side, saving a lot of space.


You can consider Smart beds Murphy/ Wall beds which will save a hell lot of space for you. They come prior in matching colours and are readily available to be transported to your bedroom with bookshelves or pull out table.

Spaces have also been taken into consideration, with some company providing complimentary on-site measurement services, such as yours truly!

At your Service!

At your Service!

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Smartbed's Murphy/Wall beds Declutter Your Home


Ease of owing a Smartbed Murphy/Wall bed is creating the space you do not have and making the most of it.
We all find ourselves hoarding onto things that we have no use or need. Often, this leads to clutter and can really take up whatever little room you have to work with.

Start your Spring cleaning

Take your first step to get your clutter under control. Decluttering is a soul searching experience and it makes you really think and really make the best of your living areas.

As long as you start, Is a Good Start

Most of the times, getting started is the hardest part. There are basic tricks you can use to help to get past the feeling of being overwhelmed.
Do it gradually, give yourself a timeline. Don’t expect yourself to finish completely at first. You may very well find that once you get going, you are done sooner than you expected.
Select a spot to work on. Set a goal and follow through with it, you got to catch the momentum so that your goal is manageable.
Start working in the worst room and tackling part of it.
You may find that once part of the task is done, the rest doesn’t feel as formidable.

Empty the Space

Clean out the room. As you are removing them, ask yourself, as a rule of thumb, did I use this item for the last 90 days? Do i need to use them in the next 90 days? Any answers that fall beyond the 90 days, throw them away.
However, some items have memory value, sort them into piles or just collect them all together. Do what you can to arrange like items together, it will make it easier to sort when we get to the next step.

Donate or Trash

You can take is to get a trash bag and make a pass the area as you want. Things that are trash are cleared out as quickly as you can.
Now grab yourself another bag or a box and make another pass of things you do not want to throw away but feel would be best to donate. What you are left with are things you value but do not feel comfortable getting rid of quite yet, but also do not fit your vision of the living space you are creating.

Sorting out the Memory Clutter

Very often we find ourselves holding on to items which might be sentimental, things that don’t really belong anywhere but remind us of something or someone we value. We will be faced with a dilemma.
Choosing what to do with them can be challenging and we are naturally reluctant to let them go. Consider making a special space for them, or boxing them together.
Let your imagination come up with ways to keep the memories but remove the things.
Paperwork should be sorted and filed. Family albums should find a home with other pictures and mementoes of travels.
With Smartbed's Murphy/Wall beds you can Go Vertical or Horizontal
Think about how to clear things off the floor. You could have shelving and other organising furniture into your vision for an area. A Smartbed's Murphey/Wall bed helps you in getting your room organised as most comes with storage shelves that you can utilize and fold them away when not using the perspective of reclaimed space that you have gained from owning a Smartbed's Murphy/Wall bed and set out to design something both functional and stylish. Which looks neat and tidy.

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